Holistic Microneedling

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Holistic Microneedling

Holistic Microneedling means to perform cosmetic skin needling in the least damaging and most effective way possible.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the 3 core principles of Holistic Microneedling and how to apply them.

2. Be aware of the composition of the rollers and what to look for in a quality roller.

3. Understand the scientific mechanism that allows microneedling to work.

4. Know how to select the correct equipment to perform an effective treatment.

5. Know how to perform the treatments safely for both you and your client.

6. Know how to carry out effective Holistic Microneedling treatments to assist signs of aging on the face, the hands, the d├ęcolletage, benefit scarring, stretch marks, cellulite and hair restoration.